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Zoology 1 Lab Kit - 2nd Edition

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A lab kit carefully designed to accompany the Apologia Zoology  Exploring Creation with Zoology 1: Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day Science curriculum. 

About the curriculum:

Apologia’s classic Exploring Creation with Zoology 1: Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day, is now in its 2nd Edition! Using the Charlotte Mason homeschooling philosophy, your young student will learn all about the world’s flying creatures.  Through the study of ornithology, chiropterology, and entomology, they will discover the design and characteristics of birds, bats, and bugs: their physical attributes, flight patterns, diets, nesting and environment requirements, and more. The Textbook contains 14 chapters that include full-color photography and diagrams, vocabulary terms in bold blue type, narration prompts, and multiple hands-on activities with plenty of opportunities to explore outside. Combine with the sold-separately Zoology 1: Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day Notebooking Journal 2nd Edition. 326 pages, hardcover. Grades K – 6.

About our lab kits:

Each kit is carefully designed to assist parents in teaching science. Having homeschooled 7 children ourselves, we know how much time and effort is put into teaching your children. We created our science kits to provide families with a science curriculum option that was both in-depth and open-and-go. With our kits, each textbook lesson will have a corresponding lesson bag. You will also receive detailed instructions and paperwork for what is included in your science kit, and the items that you will provide. The Apologia science curriculum is an incredibly detailed, thorough, and activity-based curriculum. We hope our lab kits help you make SCIENCE COME ALIVE for your children!

Addition useful information:

       There are several activities involving live insects. You will need to secure the larvae and habitats for these activities:

  • Raise Painted Lady Butterflies, activity 3.4, page 67.
  • Raise Ladybugs from Larvae to Adult, activity 6.4, page 120.
  • Raise Mantids, activity 7.2, page 134
  • All of the supplies for the Make an Ant Farm activity, page 88, are included in this kit. However, you will need to gather your own ants or purchase ants to load into the habitat.
  • The above insect supplies are available HERE or HERE or other online suppliers.
  • Find Out Which Environment a Cricket Prefers, activity 7.10, page 149. You will need to supply all items, including the crickets, for this activity. Purchase crickets from your local pet supply store or bait shop.

        We assess the inclusion of each activity, or item, based on cost, long-term availability of the item, allergy exposure, and ease of distribution. The following activities are not included in your supplies kit, based on one or more of the reasons listed above. Should you choose to complete these wonderful activities, you will need to provide all of the necessary supplies.

  • Make Honey Taffy, activity 5.3, page103
  • Make Wearable Dragonfly Wings, activity 7.5, page 138
  • Find Out Which Environment a Cricket Prefers, activity 7.10, page 149.
  • Make a Bird Feeder: Seed Feeder, activity 9.6A, page 180
  • Make a Bird Feeder: Suet Feeder, activity 9.6B, page 180. (Included in your kit is a suet cake and mesh bag to hang the suet from a tree. Please enjoy the experience of making your own homemade suet according to the book instructions, at your convenience.)
  • Build a Nesting Material Station, activity 12.2, page 242. Make a Cup Nest, activity 12.4, page 248. These delightful activities require seasonal materials from nature which are best supplied from a nature hike or from your own backyard. (A mesh bag has been included in the kit as a substitution for the wire whisk, should you prefer this economical substitution.
  • Build a Birdhouse, activity 12.7, page 254.
  • Flying Fox Stuffed Animal, activity 14.6B, page 298

 Reading the Lesson Bag labels

         Supplies are organized into bags according to the text’s lesson numbers. Supplies for lesson one are contained in bag one, etc. Because many items are used for more than one activity, each label not only identifies the items in the bag but also directs you to the location of additional items that you will need. By replacing each reusable item with its original lesson bag, the labels will direct you through the kit with ease. The labels also reveal the items that you need to provide.

        You will find that many activities require not only time and organization but also require items that you will need to provide.  Once you have everything ready to go, we believe that your study through this text will be a rewarding, informative, and enjoyable way of learning many new things about our Creator and the Flying Creatures He has made.


Click HERE for a list of items contained in kit and other important information about this lab.

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