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Wild Animal-Opoly

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In the tradition of a property trading board game, these games portray a specific nature theme. Each game has long play or short play versions. Every aspect of the game is centered around the theme. The games are very educational and extremely clever and fun. Sometimes very funny! All games are for 2-6 players ages 8-adult. Perfect for a family game night. An animal conservation game. Instead of buying property, players become caretakers of the animals. There will be no "rent" due, however there are meal fees to collect. All players collect 4 elements: land, water, food, and clean air. Trade these in for a habitat where an animal can survive on its own. Flip over the animal certificates (deeds) and you’ll find several fun facts about each animal. Advance to "Explore" and collect $200.00 or who knows, you might become a caretaker of a two ton rhino, or just end up with flees! You’ll collect $100.00 for directing traffic during an elephant stampede, pay habitat taxes, celebrate the rainy season by collecting $150.00, and advance to the watering hole because you are thirsty. The fun game pieces include: frog, rhino, lion, hippo, koala, and alligator.
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