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Weather Forecasting PVC Guide

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The Guidelines in this handy compact guide will enable you to make a quick and accurate weather forecast, which could be invaluable in survival or outdoor living situation.
This lightweight and compact spiral easy to use guide will help you access the critical art of weather forecasting on the most basic level.
It will help you to determine when to expect cold temperatures when to expect rain or snow, when to expect clear weather, and when to expect fair weather.
It gives you a glossary of frequently used weather-related terms. It will help you in reading nature's signals by reading the signs of frost and dew, campfire smoke, morning or evening sky, and the color of the sky.
It will tell you how Crickets, flies Mosquitoes, Frogs, Cattle, Horses, Elk, Sheep, Geese, Sea Gulls, react to different oncoming weather conditions that are about to hit you.
It covers sound, ponds, springs, caves, and halo's around the Sun or Moon. It has useful information on Cloud formations, and how to classify clouds.
It teaches you how to forecast by the clouds and how the behavior of specific clouds can help predict changes in the weather.
This guide covers weather fronts and the role of Barometric pressure. You can forecast the weather by wind direction and includes a Beaufort Wind Velocity Chart.
Finally, it talks about the effects of Terrain such as lakes and oceans, mountains and valleys, High Alpine regions, etc.
There is just so much packed into this little pocket-sized guide and full of useful information.


  • Quick Forecasting Guidelines
  • Reading Nature's Signals
  • Analyzing Cloud Formations
  • Forecasting by Monitoring Cloud Movement and Cloud Sequences
  • Forecasting by Cloud Types
  • analyzing Weather Fronts
  • Forecasting by Wind Direction
  • Integrating the Effects of Terrain into your forecast
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