Useful Minerals and Rocks

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The minerals in this collection come from various parts of North America and are in their natural state as found in the earth. These minerals are the foundation of modern industry. The minerals are securely glued to attractive color cards, and are housed in quality clear acrylic boxes to protect their beautiful colors from dust or abuse. The collection measures 7"x3 1/2". Commercial Minerals-The Basis of Industry contains the following 15 Specimens: Bornite (Copper), Quartz (Glass), Bauxite (Aluminum), Galena (Lead), Ollvine (Metal Castings), Calcite (Lime), Pyrite (Acid), Garnet (Abrasives), Fluorite (Flux & Acid), Limestone (Cement), Copper (Metals), Steatite (Paint Thinner), Phosphorite (Fertilizer), Hematite (Steel), Barite (Chemicals), Graphite (Lead Pencils), Gypsum (Plaster), Mica (Insulation), Feldspar (Porcelain), Chromite (Chromium), and Talc (Talcum Powder)

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