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Super Sands Book

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The perfect activity book for making the most of your super sand!

  • 14 fun projects and activities, from shaping dinosaurs and owls to a racetrack and a spacewalk
  • Family activities that kids and parents can enjoy together on rainy days, weekends, after school, and any time
  • Form, mold, slice, cut letters and bricks, stamp, make prints, create retro crafts, and more ideas to make the most of your indoor play sand
  • Experiment and learn with different shapes, sizes, and designs and watch what happens


Remember the joy of building your first sand castle? That magical and mesmerizing moment can be yours again. Take your hands to the beach anytime with super sands!

Super sands, including Sands Alive! (R) and Kinetic Sand (R), combine ordinary sand with an active ingredient of Silly Putty (R) to create an entirely new state of matter. They look and feel like wet beach sand—yet are completely dry. They move, mold, fluff, and squish like nothing else you've ever seen. One touch and you'll be amazed! These safe non-toxic materials stick only to themselves, so cleanup is a breeze.

This 48-page project book will jump-start your kids' creativity while they explore the incredible properties of indoor play sands! Super Sands is your guide to imaginative play with these addictively entertaining substances. Experiment, learn, and create with inspiring activities for castles, igloos, play food, games, and more.

Filled with perfect activities for kids and parents to do together away from screens and computers, with Super Sands, you'll build all these fun projects:

  • Medieval Sand Castle
  • Speedy Racetrack
  • Sculpted Owl
  • Creative Clouds
  • Spacewalk
  • A Day at the Beach
  • Pizza, cake, ice cream, games, and more!


Relax and get your hands in the sand for creative play with the whole family—no beach required—with Super Sands!

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