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Spectacular Science

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Amaze your audience with awesomechemistry demonstrations! Rehearse andperform a science show to entertain yourfriends and family, and teach them somescience in the process. The experimentsin this kit have been carefully selected andscripted to create exciting performances.

This chemistry set contains the labequipment, materials, and chemicals youneed to put on your own science show. Aspecial 64-page, full-color, comic-bookstyle manual guides you through the preparationand performance of 25 shows. Themanual instructs you how to conduct eachexperiment, explains what is happeningscientifically, and gives you stage directionsfor executing it smoothly and safelylike a professional. Special cue cards arealso included to help you remember yourlines and each experiment's procedure.

The experiments are divided into fiveshows. In the elemental show, you cancrush a soda can with water and heat,move particles with your magic wand,produce a fabric that doesn't burn, makedazzling colored flames with chemicals,and craft a blazing witch's breath. In thewater show, you will defy gravity with water,make water vanish into thin air, bend aspoon and a stream of water, repel waterwith your fingertips, and make a fire-resistantballoon. The carbon dioxide showgives you a stage to make a self-inflatingballoon and a self-destructing bottle, andcommand soap bubbles to rest on aninvisible pond. In the candle show, you willlight a candle with water, light a candle remotely,and magically extinguish candlesin four ways. For encores, you can watchmystical glowing black snakes grow froma pile of powder, turn red "fruit punch"into purple "grape juice," make sparklingfireworks from an orange, and turn "milk"into a solid and back into a liquid again.
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