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Slugs Bugs and Salamanders

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Discovering animals in your garden can be fun and exciting with this book! It will guide you to discover the wonderful little critters, troubling pests, caterpillars, and other living things found right in the garden. You’ll find information on how to start a garden and create eco-friendly habitats. Several experiments are suggested to help you observe and explore. Sections include The Plants, Helpful and Harmless Plant-Eaters, Harmful Plant-Eaters and Predators That Help Control Harmful Plant–Eaters, and Decomposers Recycle the Dead Plants. Numerous slugs, bugs, and other critters are presented. Once you have a garden planted, you’ll be ready for an adventure in nature study that you never imagined. (Capitalize on your efforts in the garden and do a thorough study of botany at the same time! Don’t forget to keep a nature notebook.) 120 pages, paperback, 8 ¼" x10 ¾". Elementary interest.

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