Science Scope

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What does an 8 year old need to know about life science, energy, chemistry, magnetism, or any other science topic? How much detail does a 12 year old need to know? How do you stretch a high school student to learn more? This useful book presents an overview of what children ages 4-18 need to know about science and when they need to know it. And it offers a good dose of helpful information to help you get it all done! If you prefer to create your own studies without grade level textbooks, this is an excellent guide for keeping you on track. You can even use this book as a checklist of skills learned. Are you teaching several ages at once? The book divides each topic into primary, intermediate, junior high and senior high for a wonderful quick glance at how to include all ages in the same study. A very useful reference. 117 pages, paperback, 8 1/2"x11".

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