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Science Experiments - Little Giant Book

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From birds to bees, from sound to light, from heat to ice: kids will have hours of enjoyment (and learning!) with over 300 entertaining experiments. Each project introduces fascinating scientific principles, and shows children how and why things work. With a flowerpot and a stick as a sundial, follow the shifting shadows to read the time. Write a secret message in invisible ink made from vinegar and either lemon or onion juice. We all use electricity every day--but why do batteries make flashlights light or radios play? Find out! And, people will hear what you've got to say when you speak through your homemade microphone. Other great experiments deal with magnetism, air, heat, evaporation, liquids, buoyancy, gravity, force and inertia, botany, reptiles and amphibians, invertebrates, and illusions. Parents will happily help with some of these--after all, why should kids have all the fun!
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