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Tennessee Birds- Pkt Nat

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From the high mountain peaks in the Appalachians to the Mississippi River bottomlands, Tennessee is rich in bird life, making it a great place for exploring and learning about avian life. State bird Northern Mockingbird is especially ubiquitous, found in a variety of habitats. Upland in the Great Smoky Mountains, you can find more northerly species like Brown Creeper, Golden-crowned Kinglet, and Canada Warbler. In hardwood forests at lower elevations are species like Wood Thrushes and Acadian Flycatchers. Flooded forests of bald-cypress host such specialities as Prothonotary Warbler and Mississippi Kite. Birds are often the entry point into nature study, so it helps to get acquainted with an area’s most common species. You can do this with the portable reference Tennessee Birds, which includes beautiful illustrations of 140 familiar species as well as an ecoregion map showing over 20 bird-finding hotspots and learning sites. Laminated for durability, this lightweight, 12-panel folding pocket guide is a terrific resource for educators, learners, naturalists, and birders who wish to sharpen their bird identification skills and peer more closely into birds’ fascinating lives. Made in the USA.

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