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Physiology Coloring Book

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This coloring book offers an enjoyable, highly effective way for students to learn physiology. Topics are covered in self-contained two-page spreads, allowing students to easily focus on the material being presented. A unique combination of introductory material, names and illustrations to be colored, and substantive captions deliver a comprehensive, yet easy-to-understand, treatment of physiology. The Physiology Coloring Book is the companion to the extremely successful Anatomy Coloring Book , which has sold more than 2.5 million copies. 161 pages, 8" by 11".

  • All plates (text and illustrations) are revised and updated for currency and clarity. New headings throughout make the text material easier to read.
  • Ten completely new plates cover cell signals, synapses, brain imaging, molecular motors, the immune system, peripheral nerves, fertility, and nutrition and weight management.
  • Each topic is presented on a two-page spread that focuses students' learning. Introductory text and coloring instructions appear on the left, and illustrations and captions on the right.
  • Unlike other coloring workbooks, this one invites students to color in names of the structures or processes. This reinforces the link between name and structure, and consequently, students' retention of the material.
  • Concise, yet substantive captions that explain relevant principles appear alongside illustrations.

Contents cover the following topics:

  1. Cell Physiology.
  2. Nerve, Muscle and Synapse.
  3. Circulation.
  4. Respiration.
  5. Kidney.
  6. Digestion.
  7. Nervous System.
  8. Endocrines and Hormonal Regulation.
  9. Metabolic Physiology.
  10. Blood and Defense.
  11. Reproduction.
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