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N Woods Knot Guide

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The North Woods Knot Guide features 17 commonly used knots. Each knot is fully illustrated for ease of tying. The reverse of each tag explains the various uses of each knot. The set of tags measures 1-1/4" x 4" and are bound together on a ball chain. Printed on recycled plastic, these guides are durable and 100% waterproof. The knots represented on the tags are:

Half Hitch & 2 Half Hitches
Timber Hitch/Half Hitch
Taught Line Hitch
Round Turn 2 Half Hitches
Chain Hitch
Clove Hitch
Cow Hitch
Sheep Shank
Cat's Paw
Sheet Bend
Bow Line
Figure 8
Fisherman's Knot
Fisherman's Bend
Surgeon's Knot

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