Noah's Ark - Story of

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This must be one of the most stunning, unique, and captivating books about the Ark and the global Flood of Noah's day ever produced. Based on Genesis 6-9, with the author's insight as to what it might have been like to have been in Noah's shoes. The narrative is thought-provoking, causing the reader to meditate on its truths. The artwork is exquisite and incredibly wonderful! The size of the ark is discussed at the end of the book, comparing it to modern-day sea vessels. It was one of the most stable floating platforms ever built, and its construction ratios are still used today. Captivating from beginning to end, this book would make an excellent adult gift or a wonderful addition to your "coffee table" collection. It is not a pre-school version, but rather a serious presentation of the magnificent story! 72 pages, hardback, 10"x8".

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