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N Woods Summer Constellations Guide

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Constellation Identification

constellation identification guidesHave you ever been hiking in the mountains and looked up at the night sky and wondered what the names of those stars are? 

The North Woods Constellation guide will give you insight into 17 of the most visible summer constellations.  Now you can have the exact constellation that is overhead right in the palm of your hand to help you locate it. Printed on each guide is an easily recognizable constellation like the Big Dipper utilized as a locator key to finding other star groups. 
   Everyone knows that the two stars on the front of the Big Dipper point to the North Star. But did you know that the handle of the Big Dipper points to Bootes! In fact, you can use the Big Dipper to point you to many of the constellations. The North Woods Constellation Guide can do just that. You will be able to locate Leo, Draco, Scorpius, Cassiopeia, Cephus the Summer Triangle, and many more. 

Identify the Big Dipper, Little Dipper, and all your favorites easily with our lightweight, weatherproof nature guides  - ideal for hiking the trails, or just in your back yard.

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