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My Swimming Creatures Field Journal

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 Explore and discover all of the exceptional creatures and nature surrounding you by using a specially designed field journal that will allow your inner scientist, artist, and detective to come out.

The craft of journaling has long proven to inspire creativity, boost memory, improve your writing, and even relieve stress and provide mental clarity. These benefits combined with the benefit of simply being out-of-doors is why we’ve created a set of journals to use in exploring all areas of nature. You can also purchase from Garcia Tribe Products the following Field Journals:

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There are many ways you can utilize these field journals: As a way to unplug and unwind and allow yourself the mental space to be creative again; in research to discover what species, rocks, and minerals, or plants and weeds are in your backyard (be sure to compare them to published Field Guides from your area or download a nature app that identifies the names of what you’ve discovered); and as a resource in Homeschool or academics for students to learn out-of-doors because the field journals compliment any science curriculum you are currently using. Get out there and enjoy nature!

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