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Microscope # 447-TBL-10

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$275.00 - $275.00
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All the quality features and versatility of
larger stereo microscopes, in a compact size
that is more efficient for many uses. Choose
low or high magnification simply by turning
the objective turret. Viewing head is 45
degrees inclined and rotates 360 degrees so
that user can position microscope conveniently
in forward or reverse viewing position.
Post mount permits head to be adjusted
up or down to accommodate larger objects
on stage. Paired objectives are parfocalled,
parcentered, achromatic. 2x and 4x objective
lenses for 20x and 40x magnification.
Magnification changed by rotating objective
turret 90 degrees, to positive click stop.
Head rotates 360 degrees to permit reverse
head position viewing. Rack & pinion focusing has slip clutch to protect
mechanism against over-turning, and special tension adjustment. Supplied
with two 80mm stage plates, one frosted glass and one plastic
black/white reversible contrast. Two locked-on stage clips. Rugged cast
metal frame, gray enamel finish.

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