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McWizKid Science Book

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In this book students are exposed to the use of appropiate tools and techniques to gather, analyze and interpret data. They will be questioned in the experiments to critically and logically communicate the relationships between evidence and explanations. They will also be given the opportunity to use mathematics and graphic aids in such things as "finding averages" while speed testing of marbles, or use a table to record the measurments of balloons blown up by carbon dioxide from yeast, or even learn to graph the soaring heights reached by seltzer canister rockets!
Join us on a scientific journey that will light up the fascination of discovery in the minds of all who explore this incredible sciance book.
  • User-friendly for any adult to teach science
  • Easy-to-find materials Graphs, tables, and diagrams
  • Integrates science with math applications like averaging
  • Learn how to write a good hypothesis
  • Promotes many state and national science standards
  • LOTS of information on concepts and vocabulary
  • SUPER explanation section
  • Illustrated throughout
  • Inquiry-based approach of teaching
  • Light, sound, chemistry, matter, electricity, magnetism, air and water, heat, forces, designing experiments
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