Match Learner Fractions 1-10

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Match Learner™ Fractions contains questions with answers with matching fractions. Two tiles match; for example, 1/2 and 2/4 will make a "Match." The fractions box contains 10 mixed number tile sand 10 improper fractions tiles that match. For instance, Do 1 ¾ and 7/4 make a Match? 20 bonus tiles are included that can be used to vary the game and increase the level of challenge. The 20 bonus tiles in the fractions box and the decimal box can be mixed together and can then be matched (Example: 1 ¾ matches 1.75). Choose only a few tiles when introducing the game. (This is a great way to adjust the game for different levels of students.) Match Learner Fractions can be mixed with Match Learner™ Percentage and Match Learner™ Decimal to create better understanding of the connection between fractions, percentages and decimals. When all three boxes are mixed, every tile will match at least five other tiles. For example, the tile 1/2 will have the following matches: 50%, 0.5,0.50, 2/4. 80 tiles

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