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Mammals of Minnesota

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We all know a bear or a moose when we see one in the Northwoods, but how about telling the difference between a wolf or coyote? Or a mole and shrew in your own backyard? Or a muskrat and beaver crossing the highway at dusk? This field guide includes all the mammals in Minnesota from mice to moose. Includes four pages per mammal with lots of detail.Features you won‚Äôt find in other mammal field guides:‚Ä¢ only Minnesota mammals—and all of them‚Ä¢ great photos—full page and smaller insets showing morphs and juveniles‚Ä¢ tracks—both individually and in patterns‚Ä¢ information on food, habitat, young, size, and more‚Ä¢ range information—just for Minnesota‚Ä¢ scat photos—often the only thing we are able to see of a mammalFor outstanding photography and easily accessible information just for Minnesota mammals, this field guide is in a class of its own!

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