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Lab kit for Science in the Industrial Age

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This kit is designed to accompany Science in the Industrial Age. Even though many of the included items may be easy to find at home or a nearby store this kit will allow you to spend more time learning and less time stressing. With this kit, students will discover magnetic forces, learn about converting heat to mechanical energy, how to make flaming paper that doesn't burn, make a model of an artisan well, how to grow crystals, experience the effects of erosion and so much more. A complete list of what is provided, and a list of items that you will provide, is included in the kit.

Organize your homeschool science lessons with this lab kit from Nature’s Workshop Plus. Here is a sampling of the contents: batteries (9-Volt, AA, and D), aluminum foil, limestone rocks, baking soda, balloons, bamboo skewer, north/south bar magnet, chicken bouillon cube, clay dough, compass, construction paper, cooking oil, Epsom salt, white flour, food coloring, funnel, marbles, needle, disc neodymium magnet, hydrogen peroxide, ping pong ball, microwave popcorn, steel wool, stopwatch, cotton string, sunscreen, baker’s yeast, copper wire, turmeric, LED and non-LED Christmas lights, marbles, etc. You will provide some common household items. See our website for the full list of included items.

Click HERE for list of items in kit.

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