How to Stay Alive in the Woods

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This is a very practical, readable, and potentially indispensable manual for anyone venturing into the great outdoors. Learn to find food, navigate the wilderness, stay warm, make shelter, signal for help, and treat wounds and illnesses. A full-color edible vegetation guide is inserted into the well detailed unit on Sustenance. Other major divisions of the book are Warmth, Orientation, and Safety. Before embarking on any adventure into the woods, it is crucial to learn safety rules. To avoid possible tragedy or panic, instruct all members of your expedition on the procedures to follow in case they become separated from the group. (Did you know that it take less energy to blow through a whistle than to scream for help?) This book provides enough information to use in periodic teaching sessions should you choose to have a "preparation course” in the weeks leading up to an extended or rugged outing. Have fun in the woods! Learn to observe, take field notes, sketch various specimens for your lab notebook, or just hike for the sake of the challenge, but make sure you understand the dangers, too! 315 pages, hardback, 5½”x9½”.

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