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In the tradition of a property trading board game, these games portray a specific nature theme. Each game has long play or short play versions. Every aspect of the game is centered around the theme. The games are very educational and extremely clever and fun. Sometimes very funny! All games are for 2-6 players ages 8-adult. Perfect for a family game night. Horse-Opoly is a game that actually encourages horse play! Buy and sell horses, purchase bales of hay (instead of houses), upgrade to barns (instead of hotels), get sent to the trailer (instead of jail), advance to GIDDYUP!. Turn over the deeds to learn interesting facts about each horse. Instead of taxes you’ll be paying $35.00 Vet’s farm call fees, but you’ll collect $35.00 from every player when you organize a trail ride! Whatever happens, you’ll have a galloping good time playing! The game pieces are very cute: riding boot, bag of oats, trailer, saddle, horse fly, and a horse shoe.

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