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Historic: Colonial Town

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  • Format: Paperback
  • Author: Bobbie Kalman
  • ISBN10: 0865055092
  • ISBN13: 9780865055094

In A COLONIAL TOWN young readers are introduced to a historic community. They will take a journey into history to a time when people grew their own food made their own tools. They will travel down the wide cobblestone streets of Williamsburg enjoy the slow, peaceful pace of the restored city. They will admire the grand estates of long ago tour the special buildings of Virginias old capitol. They will find out about the Palace in which the governor lived, the Capitol where laws were made, the Powder Magazine where weapons were kept, the Gaol where prisoners waited for their punishment. They will meet the apothecary learn about some of his questionable 'cures' find out how a post mill grinds grain.

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