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Have You Seen an Ant Who Can't

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Have you ever seen a horse that can walk on the ceiling? Have you ever seen a dragon that can fly backward? Have you ever seen a pest that can build a house two stories high - with air conditioning? The horsefly, the dragonfly and the termite are just a few of the fascinating creatures in God's creepy, crawly, squiggly, squirmy, "buggy" world. This book introduces young children to the "secret" lives of bugs, insects, and other things with wings and stings, as well as to the awesome God who created them all. Also includes 11 of the cutest bug jokes you’ve ever heard, such as: Q-Why do bees itch? A-Because they have hives! 72 pages, paperback, 6"x8". (If you like this book, you might also enjoy another title in this series: Have You Ever Heard A Hummingbird Hum?)

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