Five Crowns Mini Round

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Five Crowns Mini Round is a shorter, faster version of the original Five Crowns game. Five Crowns Mini Round comes in a mini 2-inch tin making it a perfect travel companion. Its ideal for when you have limited time or space, like at a restaurant, doctors office or on a plane. You can play this 5-round version in 15 minutes or less and then easily stow it away. Five Crowns Mini Round is packed with the same enjoyable features of the full version, including the fifth suit of stars and a rotating wild card! The goal is to combine all your cards into books or runs, be the first to go out, then watch the others scramble as they get one last chance to cut their losses. This grab-and-go version is small enough to keep in your purse or pocket so you'll always be ready to turn wait time into game time!

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