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Exploring Creation Chemistry, 3rd Ed, Notebook

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Apologia Student Notebooks are designed to help your student get all they can out of this chemistry course. Included in the Student Notebooks are pages where your student will record their notes and responses to all of the On Your Own questions, and at the end of each module, Study Guide questions will help them review the materials and prepare for tests. To ensure they learn the most they can from their labs, the experiments in the textbook are also in the Student Notebook. There are also bonus materials found only in the Student Notebook that walk students through the entire process of designing and performing their own experiments. 

Build Writing Skills 

The Student Notebook includes tips for writing good notes and helps them build their writing skills. 

Students will learn to: 

  • Outline main concepts of a passage and list the minor concepts under the main ones.
  • Use the author’s style to guide your notes. If the author defines a term, make sure you include that definition in your notebook.
  • Compare and/or contrast two things using diagrams.
  • Classify items referenced in the text.
  • Write notes in your own words instead of copying text word for word. This helps you as the student make your own connections to the ideas you’re learning. 
  • Look up and define new or unknown words to help you build scientific vocabulary and better understand what you’re reading.
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