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Eclipser Wrapped Paper Glasses

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Safely view Solar Eclipses!

Paper Eclipse Made to a High Standard

Our glasses for eclipse viewing not only look good, they are also made to conform to all safety standards, enabling users to watch the eclipse without damaging their eyes. Instructions for proper use are printed on the inside of each cardboard frame, ensuring that every wearer understands proper viewing etiquette. Our eclipse glasses are CE certified, ISO approved, and independently tested to ensure they meet the demanding specification required.

 A cost-effective solution with our line of glasses for eclipse viewing, enabling everyone that wants to view Eclipse to do so safely. Despite their low price tag, every pair of glasses is made to block out 100% of harmful UV and infrared as well as 99.999% of intense visible light. This provides all the protection you need for safe viewing; sunglasses are insufficient protection when eclipse viewing, so a selection from our range is an ideal solution.

Creates a sharp, natural orange solar image!

 *styles will vary*

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