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DIVE Physics/Chemistry Lab Kit

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CLICK HERE to build your own customized DIVE Physics/Chemistry Lab Kit

Customized kits will not come bagged by the lesson. They will come neatly packed with an invoice list.

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The DIVE Integrated Chemistry & Physics Lab Kit is here! See below for a complete list of included materials:

Due to packaging and safety constraints, not every lab in the DIVE Integrated Chemistry & Physics curriculum is included, but every effort has been made to include as many as possible.

Lab 1

Pocket Rocket stove
Digital Pocket Scale
Weighing Dish

Lab 2
100 M&Ms (2 Tbsp)

Lab 3
250ml Erlenmeyer Flask
100ml Graduated Cylinder
Weighing Dish
Chemical Scoop
Safety Goggles

Lab 4
Metric Ruler

Lab 5
250ml Beaker
10ml Graduated Cylinder
Aluminum Foil - 1ft.
Epsom Salt - 50g
Household Ammonia - 50ml

Lab 6 - Part 2
Iron Ring
Ring Stand
Wire Gauze
Clay Triangle
100ml Beaker
Filter Paper - 9cm
2 Bar Magnets
Stirring Rod
Iron Filings Tube

Lab 7
Wooden Splints - 10
Calcium - 2g
Copper Chloride - 2g
Lithium Chloride - 2g
Manganese Chloride - 2g
Potassium Chloride - 2g
Strontium Chloride - 2g

Lab 12
Crucible Tongs
2 Test Tubes
9V Battery
Zinc Powder - 3g
Sulfur - 2g
Copper Sulfate - 13g
Potassium Hydroxide - 2g
Magnesium Ribbon - 5in
Weighing Dishes

Lab 13 - Part 2
3 Styrofoam Cups
Watch Glass - 75mm

Lab 14
2 50ml Burets
Buret Clamp
Phenolphthalein - 10ml
Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH) - 2g

Lab 15 - Part 2
Foam Block

Lab 18
100g Hooked Weight
200g Hooked Weight
250g Spring Scale
2 Single Sheave Pulleys
Pully Cord - 6ft.

Lab 19 - Part 1
Wooden Splints - 30
Rope - 3ft.

Lab 20 - Parts 1 and 2
Water Balloon
Rubber Tubing - 1ft.
Cartesian Diver Kit

Lab 21 - Part 2
3 Metals of Similar Mass
3 Styrofoam Cups

Lab 23
Plastic Rod
Wool Square - 4in.
Plastic Comb

Lab 24
Magnetic Compass
Insulated Copper Wire - 2.5ft.
4 D-Cell Batteries
4 Battery Holders
4 Miniature Lamp Bases
4 Miniature 6V Lamps

Lab 25 - part 1
Cardstock Paper

Lab 25 - Part 2
Enameled Copper Wire - 5ft.
3" Iron Bolt
100 Paper Clips

Lab 26
Sound Resonating Tube
288Hz Tuning Fork

Lab 28
Larger Mirror
6 Pins

Each lab comes with a materials sheet, safety cautions, chemical instructions and warnings, and laboratory techniques. Each lab has been tested with success using the above materials.

Note: The DIVE Physical Science CD-ROM, Lab Manual, or Workbook are not included with the lab. They can be purchased here.

*Please note: This kit can only be shipped in the USA. This kit cannot be shipped Priority Mail, Express Mail, or any other kind of airmail.
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