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Dissecting Lab w/ Specimens for Apologia Biology Eps Pad

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A dissecting lab kit for use with the  Apologia Exploring Creation with Biology course.  It contains a 9"x13" tray with a  7 1/2" x 11 1/4" x 5/8" thick EPS pad and a clear dome cover.  The 3" high, clear plastic cover snaps firmly to the pan to prevent excessive moisture loss and is designed to allow specimens to remain in the tray between dissection periods.  The thick pad allows for easy pinning of the specimens and the economical pan and pad combination is easy to wipe clean and durable enough to reuse several times. 

The four specimens included are: Earthworm 7"-10", Frog 4-4 1/2", Grey Perch 7-9", Crayfish 4-6".  The specimens are individually packed in a vacuum sealed bag, then for shipment the set of four specimens are packed in a 2nd vacuum sealed bag to help ensure their safe arrival.  The specimens are preserved with a Formalin fixed holding solution.


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