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Discovering Atoms Molecules

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Once you use these science books, you will never go back to the old way of teaching. These teaching tools bring excitement and creative illustrations to learning. And another great thing about Great Science Adventures is that these books contain reproducible pages for the "Lots of Science Library Books" your learners create. You won't believe how interested the students are, when using books they make themselves.
This book contains 24 lessons, with 2-3 lessons completed each week. The unique format contains activities and basic content appropriate for grades K through 8. Perfect for multilevel teaching or if you want to challenge your advanced students individually. You will not find this amount of value in a single science book anywhere.
1 What is matter? 2
2 What is the composition of matter? 6
3 What are atoms? 8
4 What do we know about the nucleus of an atom? 10
5 What do we know about electrons? 12
6 What are elements? 14
7 How are elements classified? 16
8 What do we know about the periodic table? 18
9 What do we know about molecules? 20
10 How do molecules bond? 24
11 What are compounds? 26
12 What is a mixture? 28
13 What are the states of matter? 32
14 What do we know about solids? 34
15 What do we know about liquids? 38
16 What do we know about gases and plasma? 42
17 What are the physical properties of matter? 44
18 How can we measure the volume, mass, and density of matter? 46
19 How do we measure other physical properties of matter? 50
20 What are the physical and chemical changes in matter? 52
21 What do we know about chemical reactions? 56
22 How does the study of atoms help us today? 58
23 What is nuclear power? 60
24 How is nuclear power useful? 62
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