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Chemistry Household Items Kit

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Designed to coordinate with the Apologia textbook, the Chemistry Household Items Kit contains over 40 components which are usually found... though are sometimes elusive, around the house. These items are conveniently organized for ease of use, in the proper amounts, with little waste, all in one place. Complete with a list of items, where the items are located within the box, and in which chapter they are used. An additional list with items to be provided by the student is enclosed as well.

When the Chemistry Household Items Kit is combined with the Exploring Creation with Chemistry Lab Set the student will have most things necessary to complete the experiments in the textbook.

The Exploring Creation with Chemistry Lab Set (Item #40025), contains 16 of the harder to find, lab specific items, glassware and equipment needed for the hand-on experiments. (These items are NOT in this kit)

Both the Chemistry Household Items Kit and the Exploring Creation with Chemistry Lab Set, are designed to be used with the high school Chemistry course, Exploring Creation with Chemistry. As such all instructions for the experiments are located in the textbook. The kits are not designed as a stand alone product, so no instructions for doing the experiments are included in the kit.


Click HERE for a list of items contained in kit.


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