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Exploring Creation Botany, 2nd Edition, Textbook

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Exploring Creation with Botany, 2nd Edition, is a homeschool science curriculum for elementary students. As your student works through an overview of botany and dives deeper into plant anatomy and classification, your student will walk away with a foundational and working knowledge of plants. Each lesson is written in a conversational tone, and created using vivid graphics, engaging lessons and hands-on projects that will make learning about botany fun!

Curriculum Overview

God’s ability to blend creativity and order together is so clearly seen in this award-winning Young Explorer study of botany. As your student works through the lessons and activities, they will explore the life cycle of seeds to plants, how plants reproduce and make their food, as well as how to identify and classify a variety of plants.

As they journey through the textbook, they’ll cover a wide range of lesson topics that include: Nature Journaling, The Science of Botany, Seeded and Seedless Plants, Grouping Plants, Seeds and Germination, Angiosperms – Flowering Plants, Flower Families, Pollination, Seeds, Fruits and Vegetables, Leaves, Photosynthesis, Transpiration, Roots and Root Systems, Stems, Gardening, Trees, Gymnosperms, Seedless & Vascular Plants, Mycology

Detailed lesson plans, as well as a suggested daily schedule, are included in the Notebooking Journal (sold separately).

Hands-on Activities and Experiments

Designed to captivate the curiosity of your student, this botany course has 75 different activities for your student to choose from! Some of the activities and experiments your student will complete in this course include building (and harvesting) a raised garden, making a tree field guide, building a light hut, growing edible mushrooms, and building a lichenometer.

All activities and projects in this course are able to be modified, and use easy-to-find household items that truly make the lessons fun!


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