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Birds of Georgia Field Guide

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If your family is more of the "backyard birdwatcher" type, and you tend to kind of squint at those little U.S. maps found in most field guides and try to figure whether the particular bird you think you’re looking at is in the correct area, these guides are much better suited to your needs. Each guide features birds found in a particular state, and - get this - they’re arranged by color, not association with other bird families. You shouldn’t have to be an expert just to identify the bird! Each two-page spread features a full-color photo of the species on the left (and the other sex also, if they’re substantially different), while the stats are laid out on the right, such as size, markings of the male, female, and juvenile, nest features, type of eggs, time of incubation, how long the fledgling phase lasts, migration patterns, and food. Last but not least the guide compares the species to other, similar species that you might be tempted to confuse the species with, along with other interesting facts on the lifestyle of that particular bird. A map of the state is also included, with counties sketched out, and the range of the bird highlighted. So, next time you’re sitting by the window, staring at the birdfeeder and you see this red, black and white bird, don’t run for that big fat field guide and thumb through it until the bird is long since gone trying to figure out what it was - reach for one of these and narrow down your search by about 50 times.

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