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Birds of California

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Make bird watching in California even more enjoyable!‚Ä¢ Contains 170 species—only California birds!‚Ä¢ No need to look through dozens of photos of birds that don‚Äôt live in California‚Ä¢ Easy-to-use color guide. See a red bird and don‚Äôt know what it is? Go to the red section!‚Ä¢ Fact-filled, containing the information you want to know‚Ä¢ Compare feature. Not sure which woodpecker you're seeing? This feature helps you decide‚Ä¢ Contains range maps showing where in California you'll find the birds in summer, winter, all year, or during migration‚Ä¢ Full-page photos with corresponding full-page descriptions‚Ä¢ Stan's Notes include naturalist information and interesting gee-whiz facts.

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