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Beekeeping - A Practical Guide

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Thinking about keeping bees? Whether you’re just beginning, or have a season or two of experience, you’ll enjoy this book. It offers vital information about how to acquire bees, install a colony, manage a hive, take a crop of honey, prevent and treat mites, and understand about Africanized bees. Plus, it begins with information about what your commitment will need to be, legal considerations, and beekeeping history, and ends with a list of publications and additional resources. This would make an excellent resource for a unit study on beekeeping. A glossary of terms is included along with a detailed index for easy referencing. If you are interested in learning more about bees, you might enjoy seeing the Moody Science video, City of Bees, which explains in detail how bees communicate and organize their hive. 184 pages, paperback, 6"x9".

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