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Awesome Science Experiments for Kids

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The ultimate science experiment book for kids! 100+ hands-on projects to get kids ages 5 to 10 excited about science.

As kids grow older, they become more curious about the world around them, often asking, "How does this work?"
 Awesome Science Experiments for Kids teaches young brains the nuts and bolts of the scientific method using fun, hands-on experiments designed to show kids how to hypothesize, experiment, and then record their findings.

With awesome projects like a Fizzy Rocket, Magnet-Powered Car, and Pencil Sundial, kids will have a blast learning to build, design, and think critically—while getting inspired to interact with the world around them and make their own discoveries.

Awesome Science Experiments for Kids includes:

  • 100+ STEAM experiments—Each activity includes an explanation of the processes in play, so kids can understand how and why each project works.
  • Easy instructions—These step-by-step science experiments for kids simplify each process to make the projects fun and simple to understand.
  • Colorful photos—Refer to real-life photos that show experiments and many of the common household materials they use, as well as some of the final results!

From learning how quicksand works to turning a lemon into a battery, these experiments teach budding STEAM kids how cool it is to be curious.

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