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The Alpha-Omega Grade 7 Kit is designed to accompany the LIFEPAC Science Series by Alpha-Omega Publications. With this kit, you will have almost everything you need to complete the Grade 7 workbook's hands-on experiments and activities – all right at your fingertips. We include a detailed and easy-to-use Laboratory Equipment Guide to help you figure out what items are to be used when throughout the curriculum. Some of the kit items include:

· Blindfold

· Convex Lens

· Drawing Compass

· Drinking Straw

· Flat Mirror

· Forceps

· Glass Slides & Cover Slips

· Graduated Cylinder

· Iodine Solution

· Limestone Rock

· Magnifying Mirror

· Metal Washer

· Modeling Clay

· Paper Fasteners

· Pen Light

· Pipet Dropper

· Protractor

· Ruler

· Stopwatch

· Thermometers

· Umbrella

· Wood Blocks

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