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Anne's House of Dreams

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In this fifth book of the Anne of Green Gables series, our red-haired heroine finally marries her childhood sweetheart and true love, Gilbert Blythe. After a ceremony in the sunshine of the old orchard at Green Gables, surrounded by the loving faces of long-familiar friends, the young doctor and his bride set off for the mist-shrouded shores of Four Winds Harbor.
The newlyweds settle in a quaint fishing village, where their snug home offers views of the sea from every window. The new setting provides a fresh opportunity for Anne to discover kindred spirits: lighthouse keeper Captain Jim, teller of enchanting tales; bitter-tongued but kind-hearted Miss Cornelia, who bears an enduring grudge against men and Methodists; fascinating Leslie Moore, trapped in a loveless marriage, who envies and admires Anne; and writer Owen Ford, who seeks inspiration for his great Canadian novel. Poignant, romantic, and brimming with old-fashioned charm, Anne's House of Dreams traces the beloved heroine's path to maturity.


Author Bio

Canadian author Lucy Maud Montgomery (1874–1942) was a native of Prince Edward Island, the setting for her Anne of Green Gables novels. Montgomery wrote 20 books and more than 500 short stories, the most famous of which starred the spirited Anne, praised by Mark Twain as "the dearest and most moving and delightful child since the immortal Alice."

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