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ABCs and Tricks PB

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The last phonics book you'll ever need!


The ABC's and All Their Tricks is a valuable teaching tool every teacher and parent should own. Margaret M. Bishop has compiled the foundational teachings for mastering grammar, phonics, and spelling, all into an easy to use format. One of the only phonics books that truly teaches you everything you need to know.


This encyclopedia will help your child or student excel at speaking, reading, and writing. It also doubles as an excellent resource for spelling practice. You can find the answers to any question in no time thanks to the alphabetical arrangement of the content along with its detailed appendices. This book also offers historical details on how the English language developed over the centuries. In addition to being a complete reference book on spelling and pronunciation, ABC's also offers instruction on how to teach phonics so you can master the art of teaching, while your students master the English language.

  • Publisher Specs

    ISBN-10: 0880621400
    ISBN-13: 9780880621403
    Format: Paperback
    Page Count: 352
    Author: Margaret Bishop
    Grade: all
    Topic: Phonics, Reading, Spelling

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