101 Trees of Indiana

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From American beech to Yellow-wood, Indiana's trees are presented in a brand new, beautiful field guide.So many trees, so little time. What's a nature lover to do? If you can't tell the difference between an Eastern hemlock and a Scrub-pine, or a Cottonwood and a Black willow, 101 Trees of Indiana is the field guide for you.This book contains all you need to identify a tree in the Hoosier State, whatever the season. Not since T. E. Shaw and Charles C. Deam's Trees of Indiana was published in 1953 has the subject been covered so thoroughly. Ecologist Marion T. Jackson has selected approximately 101 species of trees, mostly native to the state but also others that are widely naturalized or planted extensively. Jackson's comments about individual trees alone are worth the price of the book.Illustrations by Katherine Harrington provide clear and accurate botanical details. Ron Rathfon's vivid color photographs make identification in the field a breeze. Further aiding in identification are text descriptions and species keys for both summer and winter conditions. Distribution maps indicate the counties in which each tree has been found and recorded. These maps have been updated to include more than 2,000 new county records discovered by scientists, foresters, and naturalists since the publication of Shaw and Deam's work.101 Trees of Indiana will fit handily into a pocket or backpack, and the information for each tree, including drawings and photographs, is on facing pages—no flipping back and forth from text to picture. Naturalists, hikers, landscapers, and students will enjoy this lovely and authoritative book.

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