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In the tradition of a property trading board game, these games portray a specific nature theme. Each game has long play or short play versions. Every aspect of the game is centered around the theme. The games are very educational and extremely clever and fun. Sometimes very funny! All games are for 2-6 players ages 8-adult. Perfect for a family game night. Get ready for fun down on the farm! It's a life down on the farm where players increase their profits by collecting "acres" and trading them in for "big red barns". Full of country humor and fun facts. Take a gander at the fun farm facts on the back of every deed. You may find yourself in a hog waller, or you may have to stand and call the hogs, but if your handsome hog takes first place at the fair, you’ll be collecting $50.00 prize money. Advance to "Grow" and collect $200.00, collect 10 times the dice because you had a good day at the farmers market, or get the grocer's egg contract for one year and collect $100.00.There are expenses on the farm, too: tractor repair fees, vet fees, fees because you were livin’ "high on the hog", and the dry season which will send you straight to "Drought" "Do not pass Grow, Do not collect $200.00". Game pieces include: Old Bessie, work boot, cap, tractor, corn on the cob, and a prize hog.

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