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In the tradition of a property trading board game, these games portray a specific nature theme. Each game has long play or short play versions. Every aspect of the game is centered around the theme. The games are very educational and extremely clever and fun. Sometimes very funny! All games are for 2-6 players ages 8-adult. Perfect for a family game night. Bird-Opoly is a high flying game of fun with a feathery twist! Based on birds of North America, you’ll buy your favorite birds, and raise the nesting fees (rent) by collecting bird houses and trading them in for trees. You might get grounded (instead of jailed) or sent to flight school! You might even get elected to be president of the Birders Society, but you’ll have to pay $25.00 to every player who voted for you. Draw the "Vulture" card and collect $10.00 from every player. There are facts about the individual birds on the back of the each deed card. Game pieces include: bird bath, hatching egg, binoculars, earthworm, birdnest, and horned owl.

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