Woodworking for Wildlife

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Along with designs for 28 different nest box projects, this newly-expanded edition of Woodworking for Wildlife includes 300 color photographs and information on deterring nest predators, placing and maintaining boxes, and setting up remote cameras in nest boxes. The book features a soft cover that lays flat for easy use, and new designs for great crested flycatchers, mergansers, dippers, bumblebees, and toads.

The nest box designs in this new revision of Woodworking for Wildlife have been provided by wildlife biologists who are recognized as experts for each species. These designs have also been simplified by woodworkers so they are easy to build. Many nest boxes can be made from a single board and can be constructed within one hour. This book contains extensive natural history information, photos, invaluable information on where and how to place nest boxes, and new information on keeping nests safe from raccoons and other next predators. Also included are wildlife web sites and sources of supplemental information.

Woodworking for Wildlife was printed in Minnesota on recycled paper, and certified by the Forest Stewardship Council.
Newly revised Third Edition.164 pages, paperback, 8¬Ω"x11".

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