Tree Farm In A Box

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At Woody Warehouse, the tree experts grow thousands of trees every year. They have learned how to grow a large root ball so that when the trees are set out they become some of the fastest growing and healthiest trees around. In wanting to share in the fun and satisfaction of growing trees from seed they have assembled this fail safe growing kit complete with the specialized growing trays and containers needed for success. Included in the kit: Detailed, step-by-step instructios, 100 acorn seeds, 6 bags of special soil mix, 1 jug of plant food concentrate, 2 planting flats, 2 drip trays, 40 4" planting bands, 1 watering can, 50 plant tags, 1 marker, 8 4" support rings. A total of over 60 pounds of materials! All heavy-duty items, just like what they use down home on the tree farm, except on a scaled down version. Enough for growing 40 trees, all the containers are reusable, and the seed, soil, and plant food are easy to replace, so it can be used several times. You'll learn about seed preparation, air root pruning, phototropism, and much more. Would make a great project for a group or anyone wanting to help beautify their own backyard or neighborhood. A list of additional studies and topics is included along with a list for ordering replacement items. Want to find out more about Woody Warehouse? Or if you don't have time to invest in growing your own, you can order ready-to-plant trees. Shipped direct to you. Visit
WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD - This item contains small parts. Not for children under 3 years.

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