The Boys Book - Survival

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Packed with 101 exciting, daring and even life-saving skills, The Boy's Book of Outdoor Survival introduces young thrill seekers to the amazing world of wilderness adventure and survival. Not available on Playstation, XBox or Wii, nature offers more challenges and levels of difficulty than any video game. From taking a weekend camping trip with dad to backpacking across a national park with friends, every venture into the wild presents danger—that's why the trips are such adrenaline-pumping fun! The Boy's Book of Outdoor Survival covers skills like how to start a campfire, build a shelter, forage for food, find water, track animals, set traps, spot poisonous snakes and navigate by the stars. With its detailed instructions and colorful illustrations, it brings to life the great American wilderness while showing boys how to bravely overcome its challenges.

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