Student Insect Collecting Kit

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Complete instructional unit for secondary level students or beginning collectors. Kit contains all the fundamental equipment needed to collect, prepare, and maintain specimens of most orders of insects: High quality student insect net, 12" diameter, aerial bag, 18" hardwood handle, 2 collecting jars, 4 oz. with plaster poured bottoms ‚ Insect killing fluid, ethyl acetate, in 8 dram vial, for collecting jars, 50 gassing envelopes, 23/4x41/4 inches, Folding magnifier, 4x, with plastic case, Forceps, spade tip, stainless steel‚ Spreading board, 12", soft plastic pinning surfaces, varied center groove, Insect pins, size 3, pack of 100, Pinning block, hardwood, three-step style, 100 blank labels, black borders, 7/8x1/2", Label pen, permanent ink, fine line, .3mm, Fiberboard insect box, polyethylene foam pinning bottom, 9x13x21/2 inches,  Insecticidal strip, 32 page booklet 5 1/2"x8 1/2" that contains all the information you'll need on how to collect, preserve, mount, and display insects. (Specimens are not included.)
WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD - This kit contains small parts. Not for children under 3 years.

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