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Learn to Draw Step by Step: Set of 8 Books
These Walter Foster learning to draw books clearly explain each step of the drawing process from preparation
work, preliminary sketches to special techniques and final details. Each book 32 pages, paperback, 10¼”x13¾”.
Flowers: Learn basic shapes, shading techniques, textures, and adding backgrounds. Draw magnolia, tulip, dogwood, lily, daff odil, carnation, begonia, foxglove, rose, and much more.
Horses: Learn the basics, shading, facial features, and horses in action. Draw clydesdale, quarter horse, circus horse, arabian, pony, and more.
How to Draw 1: Learn blocking and basic shapes, preparing to draw, simple textures, and shading. Learn to draw by using perspective, basic animal shapes, basic human features, cartoon people, caricatures, trees,
and much more.
Landscapes: Learn to draw a variety of beautiful landscape subjects, like trees, rivers, and mountains, in pencil.
Pets: Learn basic shapes, various poses, drawing realistic fur, and capturing personality. Draw a guinea pig, cat, ferret, doberman, horse, parrot, rabbit, and much more.
Wild Animals: Learn to work from photographs, from life, fur textures, and animals in action. Draw a fl amingo, elephant, baboon, lion, panda, rattlesnake, koalas, and much more.
Faces & Features: Successfully drawing the human face is one of the most challenging yet rewarding artistic experiences.
Animals in Color Pencil: Learn to draw realistic wild animals in color, Covers techniques such as hatching, burnishing, layering and blending.

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