Set of 19 Moody Science DVD's

by Moody
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The Moody Science Video Classics series is one of the most God-honoring, entertaining, theologically sound, instructive, and family-friendly series available. Explore the world of the venus fly trap, secret technologies of ancient man, the wonder of the electrical eel, instrument-based aviation, the world of the trap-door spider, the innovations of the clown-faced carpenter bird, and thousands of other mysteries. Titles include: City of the Bees, Dust or Destiny, Experience with an Eel, Facts of Faith, God of Creation, God of the Atom, Hidden Treasures, Journey of Life, Mystery of the Three Clocks, Of Books and Of Sloths, Prior Claim, Professor and the Prophets, Red River of Life, Signposts Aloft, Time and Eternity, Ultimate Adventure, Voice of the Deep, Where the Waters Run, and Windows of the Soul. Each DVD is about 28 minutes long and presents a scientific lesson that teaches children and adults alike about the marvelous works of God.

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