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Preschool GHI Series

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Going On Eagerly, with a polar theme, includes exercises such as using the eight basic colors and four basic shapes, counting and writing numbers 0-10, identifying sequence, and drawing simple pictures.

Hearing and Helping, with a rain forest theme, includes practice in hearing initial sounds and rhyming words, understanding words in a sentence context, and finding ways of families and children helping others.

Inside and Outside, with a woodland theme, includes practice in counting and writing numbers 0 through 12 by 1s and 2s, and also counting by 10s to 100. The Color pink, the diamond shape, and the thermometer are introduced. Exercises include noticing animals, the changing seasons, things found inside and outside buildings, and more.

Just Thinking and Choosing, with a mountain theme, provides cutting and pasting practice on most page spreads. The oval shape and ordinal numbers are introduced. Exercises include counting; learning about health and safety; recognizing sequence of shapes and pictures; identifying opposites, group similarities, object usage, and analogies; and learning about Guatemala.

Keep Doing It Carefully, with a desert and grassland theme, offers practice in tracing and drawing lines and designs; tracing and writing letters, words, and numbers; and matching letters and words by visual discrimination. The color gray and the calendar are introduced. The colors, the six shapes, and the numbers 1-10 are briefly reviewed.

Learning More and More, with an ocean theme, reviews using eleven colors, counting and writing numbers 0 through 12, identifying and drawing six shapes, and hearing rhyming and beginning sounds. It includes counting by 1s and 2s, identifying numbers on a clock, matching capital and small letters, and mixing paint colors. The other six habitats of this series are briefly reviewed.

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