Physical Science-Textbook Only

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Brand new 2nd Edition is now available! This course is designed to prepare the student for an in-depth look at the high school sciences. Ideally, it should be taken the year before the student begins Algebra 1. Written in an engaging, conversational style, this course discusses the major aspects of God's physical creation. It begins with a general introduction to the nature of matter and then branches into an in-depth look at air, water, and the earth. It then brings those subjects together in a study of weather, which is used as a starting point for a discussion of geology and the fossil record. The balance of the course is an introduction to physics, which discusses motion, forces, electricity and magnetism, gravity, and the structure of the universe. The student will be filled with awe at the power and ingenuity of the Creator!Although there is a lot of reading in the course, there is also a lot of hands-on learning. The author tries to introduce every major subject with an experiment that is designed to be done in the home with household items. The experiments are reasonably easy to perform and serve to illustrate the concepts in a, tangible way. If you want to prepare your student for a good experience in the high school sciences, you should start with this course. Textbook only. Please specify which edition (1st or 2nd) you would prefer.

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